Why Sober Living is So Important When Getting Back on Your Feet


Sober Living In SoCal Can Be the Right Step to Getting Back on Your Feet

Deciding to commit to a new sober lifestyle can be daunting, to say the least. For many individuals in recovery, it is necessary to begin a whole new life with new friends, a new job, and sometimes even a new location to live in altogether. While this new way of life can seem impossible to someone just starting out in their journey, sober living homes and facilities can help someone new in the recovery process to feel supported and truly meet their sobriety goals.

Benefits to A Sober Living Environment

Many individuals that are struggling with addiction often initially feel uncomfortable with the idea of living in a sober living environment full time. They have worries about what types of people they will be living with, and often have anxiety about the chance that their sober living mates may tempt them into using drugs or alcohol again. It can also be overwhelming to move to a new place during such a vulnerable time, and some individuals are concerned about ensuring all the logistical pieces of the puzzle fit together in order to relocate. Luckily, in a reputable sober living facility, these concerns are not an issue at all. In fact, sober living homes can help addicts to gain the skills and confidence they need to live a sober life independently again.

Sober living environments help individuals working towards recovery to spend time with other people with similar goals that are struggling with similar patterns of drug/alcohol use and addictive behavior. These connections are incredibly valuable and help to increase the rates of long-term success for individuals that are struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction. Sober living facilities also offer the essential opportunity for individuals to focus on their recovery for an extended period of time. Because addiction is a disease, intentional opportunities for healing and support are required in order for healing to begin and have a lasting effect. Sober living homes allow this type of focused healing to occur.

What to Expect in a Sober Living Home

A Simple Start

Sober living homes are often able to help participants newly admitted to their programs to get their new living experience all set up ahead of time to make a stress-free transition to sober living. The last thing that someone who is making a huge life transition away from substance abuse needs is an additional layer of stress about the logistics of relocation. Luckily, sober living homes almost always come fully equipped with everything the participants need. The homes are fully furnished and have all the amenities that one would expect in a new home, like tv’s, private bedrooms, and updated bathrooms. Participants that are ready to commit to the program will merely need to pack their bags. Many programs are even able to help organize a flight or train itinerary to ensure a quick and hassle-free transition to sober living.


For many addicts looking to take the first steps towards recovery, structure is an essential tool that should be used to help ease the transition to this new, sober lifestyle. Sober living homes have different expectations and policies related to house meeting and recovery programming attendance, overnight guests, daily activities, and goal completion progress. This style of recovery is ideal for people that have just exited an intensive residential treatment program and for those that are recommitting themselves to their sobriety and need some additional support to ensure they meet their goals. Participants in sober living programs will also have the opportunity to hold themselves and the people around them accountable by helping to manage the daily tasks required to run a household. Participants will complete household chores and meet on a weekly basis to check in, update duties, air grievances, and hold one another accountable.

Social Support

Individuals that choose to participate in the sober living home environment will also have the chance to connect with other addicts that have similar sobriety goals. Participants will work together to take care of their living space and will also do the real work of recovery together by participating in skills-building activities and recovery group work with one another. One of the most difficult parts about committing to a sober lifestyle can be the pain of leaving old friends behind in order to mitigate the temptation to continue using drugs or alcohol. In a sober living home, positive relationships are built in so that participants can have fun and meaningful experiences while remaining sober.

Skill Building

The key to recovery is having the skills necessary to resist the temptation to use, manage the stress of life without returning to drug and alcohol use, and live a healthy and happy life as a sober individual. Participants in the sober living program will work with expert staff to build these skills and gain the confidence necessary to achieve sustained sobriety.

Goal Setting

When you’re just getting back on your feet after struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction, the long list of tasks to complete before being ready to participate in sober living independently can be incredibly daunting. In a sober living home environment, you will have the opportunity to meet with staff members in order to set and work towards small goals that contribute to your larger, long-term goals. Participants are encouraged to participate in therapy, work the 12 steps, secure employment or return to school, and begin rebuilding relationships with family members and other loved ones who may have been hurt because of their addiction. While there may be lots to complete, our staff and your supportive housemates will help to encourage you towards becoming your best self as your work towards your personal, professional, financial, and recovery goals.

Holistic Healing

Committing to reclaim your health and live a sober lifestyle is about much more than abstaining from substance use. To live a truly healthy life, it is essential to work to balance your health in all the areas of your life, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational health. A good sober living home should offer you the opportunity to engage in healthy meal planning, regular exercise, therapy, spiritual counseling or worship services that you are interested in, and family and relationship building activities. Your new sober life will only be enhanced by creating balance in your wellness wheel, and individuals that can find this balance are much more likely to continue to meet their recovery goals and are typically less likely to relapse.

Recovery at Your Pace

While many structured recovery programs have prescriptive timelines that must be adhered to, sober living homes are typically much more flexible when it comes to time spent in the program. For some participants, gaining a few key skills and connecting to therapeutic supports in their community is all they need before they choose to live their sober life independently. For other participants, being able to stay in the company of other individuals in recovery is reassuring and helpful to their own recovery process. While participants typically to exit the program in 3-6 months, there is no strict limit when it comes to the amount of time that residents stay in the program. As long as residents are continuing to make progress towards their sobriety goals, they are welcome to stay and remain meaningful members of our sober living community.

Therapeutic Support

Participating in therapy is an essential aspect of meaningful addiction recovery. Some sober living homes offer in-house therapy services while others help participants to connect to therapists in the community. Talk therapy can utilize many different techniques to help individuals struggling with addiction to understand better what life events contributed to their addictive behaviors. Understanding these life circumstances can help to heal previous trauma and can also help addicts to understand better the types of environments, comments, and emotions that can be a trigger for drug or alcohol use. Family therapy is also an excellent idea for individuals in the recovery process. Many times, the behaviors that an addict participates can lead to damaged relationships and broken trust with loved ones and other support persons. Participating in family and relationship counseling can help to mend old wounds and can also provide an opportunity for loved ones to understand the disease of addiction better.

Lasting Recovery Resources

The reality is that even when a participant leaves a sober living home, ongoing support is essential to provide the infrastructure that is necessary and conducive to sustained sobriety. Many sober living homes will help participants to connect with additional support services like therapy, 12 step meetings, career training services, college admissions representatives, social workers, and other services and professionals in their home communities. This helps to ensure that when they depart from the sober living environment, they are able to maintain their momentum and reach their recovery goals.

What Will Quality Sober Living Cost Me?

Many individuals that are interested in starting the recovery process are quick to dismiss the idea of a sober living home because they believe they may not be able to afford it. The reality is, however, that many sober living homes are no more expensive than rent in most areas. Sober living homes also provide structure and accountability opportunities, so participants are able to work and earn money during their time in the sober living home. These jobs can help pay for the cost of the recovery program and; typically, participants make enough to pay for both their rent and other essentials like clothing, food, and toiletries. Some participants may even be able to use their insurance plan or health savings account to help subsidize part of the cost of their sober living home experience. Participating in a sober living program can even help participants save money. They are able to work with expert staff in order to set and achieve their sobriety and financial goals and are better able to provide for themselves because their addiction is no longer the primary focus of their lives.

How Sober Living Can Help Men

Most sober living facilities are single gender locations, meaning that men recover in groups of exclusively men, and women recover in groups with only women. Men specifically often find the single-gender recovery experience to be incredibly helpful and valuable to their healing experience. Men are more likely to use substances like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and alcohol. Participating in a recovery program with individuals who have experienced difficulties with the same substance as yourself can help you to understand better how to avoid the potential pitfalls that can lead to relapse. Men are also more likely to have difficulty expressing their emotions openly. The expert staff members at our sober living home are trained to help groups of men be more connected with the emotional experiences that may have contributed to their drug use and addiction. Being able to be vulnerable about these experiences with other men increases the chance that men will be open, honest, and connected to the healing process. Single-gender sober living facilities also decrease the chance that participants will be distracted by potential romantic partners. When the temptations of new relationships and physical intimacy are unavailable, individuals in recovery are better able to focus on their health, wellness, and sobriety. Sober living for men is often the most effective in single-gender environments.

Why Southern California?

Southern California sober living is some of the best in the world. The state of California is one of the most prominent locations on the planet when it comes to cutting-edge addiction and recovery research and providing social and state-based supports for individuals looking to begin and continue the recovery process. Southern California can often have a bad reputation when it comes to drug and alcohol use. The high number of wealthy residents living a life of excess and the high population of celebrity status residents can definitely lead to its fair share of individuals in need of support to begin and manage recovery. However, this high level of demand for quality recovery options also makes Southern California an ideal place to find expert support, incredibly facilities, and copious opportunities to live a healthy and sober lifestyle. Because California was the birthplace of the Alcoholics Anonymous program, there are hundreds of different options to connect with other addicts in a 12-step group setting across the region. Southern California even hosts an annual AA conference every year that draws a large crowd of individuals from across the country that is committed to their sobriety and to supporting the organization. Young people under the age of 30 will also find Southern California to be an excellent place to participate in 12 step programming. There are many groups geared towards a younger demographic that are committed to making sobriety a fun and enjoyable experience.

Both visitors and residents of Southern California are quick to mention that there is a little something for everyone, regardless of your tastes and style, in SoCal. The location is incredibly diverse, both racially, religiously, and in virtually every other way possible. Those that choose to participate in their recovery experience in the area will have the opportunity to meet individuals from many different walks of life and can choose to fully immerse themselves in diverse cultures by participating in the many different cultural events, festivals, and dining experiences that are available in the area. Southern California is also home to many different sports teams and event venues, so those that choose to call this area home will never lack an opportunity to get out and about and experience the city any day of the week. SoCal is also famous for the copious number of different outdoor activities that residents can enjoy. With year-round, gorgeous weather, individuals that choose to participate in their recovery experience in the area will have the chance to enjoy several beautiful national forests, can soak up some rays on one of the many stellar beaches, or can enjoy the adventure and excitement at one of the popular theme parks in the area. SoCal recovery is the premier choice for those that want to be successful in the recovery process and have a great time doing it.

Overall, the opportunity to participate in a sober living program can be incredibly effective for the recovery process. For men interested in restarting their lives in a beautiful and healing environment like Southern California, our sober living homes are ideal. If you or someone you love could benefit from a fresh start and a new lease on life, contact us today to take the first steps towards health, healing, and recovery.