All About Southern California

Southern California is like living in a whole different state compared to Northern California. This is a place where you can visit the beach, the desert, or the mountains in the same day and enjoy the year-round gorgeous weather. It doesn’t rain too often, and it’s never too hot or too cold. There are attractions for everyone to enjoy, whether you love the city life or fun outdoor activities.

All The Activities

Where do I even start with attractions? When people think of Southern California, they might think Disneyland or Hollywood as the most popular things to do. While this is true, there are so many hidden gems that would make every day a different adventure, and so many of these are free. You can hike the Santa Monica Mountains, watch sea lions sunning at La Jolla Cove, or take a stroll down the Oceanfront Boardwalk in San Diego. If you are interested in doing something that costs a little bit but isn’t too expensive, the San Diego Zoo is very popular as well as the Los Angeles County Museum of art. If theme parks are your thing, you’ve got Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags, and Knott’s Berry Farm. With an area that is so large, there are days of exploring to be done.

Exquisite Food and Drinks

Even when sober and Napa Valley isn't your thing, literally everything else can be. Everyone is obsessed with In-N-Out, and you can seriously go visit the original shop in Baldwin Park. No matter what you’re craving, SoCal has it. In Southern California alone, there is Little Tokyo, China Town, Little Saigon, Pakistani markets and food shops, Koreatown, Little Manila, Thai Town, and Little Ethiopia. You can taste worldly food all while experiencing the culture in one area.

Many people claim that Southern California is the best place that they ever lived, and many people have proudly stated they moved across the country just to live in a place that offers so many different things to do and places to see. It is possible to be in a place where there are huge cities like Los Angeles, and small farm-like towns if you don’t enjoy heavy populated places.

The culture in Southern California is immense, and there are so many different people; it is more like a melting pot for every type of person. If not to live here permanently, SoCal is a place that many people frequent yearly for vacations or just to escape the harsh winter. Everything is so much fun for any age group, and there is something new to do every day during your time there.