Playing Sports in Sobriety

There is a large number of both professional and semi-professional sports opportunities in Southern California. The hectic and demanding schedule often associated with the high-performance profession of major league sports can make attaining and maintaining sobriety very difficult. Luckily, the expert professional staff at South Bay Sober Living is prepared to help professional athletes find the balance and support necessary to live a healthy and fulfilling life in the world of professional sports.

Play with the Best

The Los Angeles area is home to some of the most well known and successful professional sports teams in the United States. Whether you're a professional athlete, a diehard fan, or even a casual fan, you'll be happy to know that there are an abundance of professional sports teams in the area.


Los Angeles is home to both the LA Angels and the LA Dodgers. Both are historic teams that have been in the Los Angeles area for almost 70 years! They are both an important part of the history and culture of the city.


The NFL houses two stellar teams in Los Angeles: the Chargers and the Rams. They play at the StubHub Center and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, respectively.


The LA Galaxy soccer team has called the Los Angeles area home since 1996. Now, a new team is slated to join the Major League Soccer scene in 2018, the Los Angeles FC!


The Los Angeles Kings have been a part of the fabric of the LA professional sports scene for 50 years. Beautiful Southern California offers players the opportunity to shred things up on the ice while enjoying the sand and sun during their downtime.


The NBA boasts two stellar teams out of Los Angeles: the Lakers and the Clippers. The women’s basketball team, the Los Angeles Sparks, are also located in Southern California. All of the local professional basketball teams play at the expansive Staples Center.

Semi-Pro Sports

The LA metro area is a hot spot for sports of all kinds. Professional opportunities are everywhere, but semi-pro and minor league teams are also available. SoCal is home to two amateur Gaelic football teams, several rugby leagues, and unions, multiple premier soccer leagues, and a stellar ultimate frisbee team. No matter where you currently are in the world of professional and semi-professional sports, the Los Angeles area is sure to be the place for you.