All About Los Angeles


The Second Largest City in the US is Great for Sobriety

Welcome to the second largest city in the United States and the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles. This is a city where dreams come true, and anything is possible, and people from around the world move here for that very reason- to achieve lifelong goals. Not many cities have everything that LA does in terms of creativity, culture, nightlife, family fun, events and a huge recovery community.

Feel Like A Sober Star For The Night

Well, maybe not an A-list celebrity, but you can definitely feel like one! It’s hard to feel like anything less than a star when you spend a day in the sunshine of Los Angeles. However, the real fun happens when the sun goes down. Listing everything that involves nightlife fun is impossible, but to summarize it, there are thousands of great alcoholics anonymous meetings and over 8300 restaurants just in the area of Los Angeles.  There are numerous comedy clubs and music venues that are active nearly every night, and you can even be a guest at famous shows like The Voice, The Price Is Right, or American Idol.

Did we mention the huge sober young people's community in the area? Even if you aren't huge on participating in young people's AA, you can still feel like a star dining at an intimate area to dine. It’s also very possible to spot some of the elite members of Hollywood and megastars on a walk down Sunset Strip.

The Places IN LA You CAN’T Leave Without Seeing

In Los Angeles, there are a lot of low-key things to do. This doesn’t mean avoid the big things. There are staples in LA that just should be seen no matter what your age is. Of course, when you think of LA, you think of the Hollywood sign. There are certain lookout points that get you the best views of it, such as the Griffith Observatory, which is completely free to the public.

If you have a little extra money and a day to dedicate to the place, go to Disneyland! It’s fun for all ages. For the more artsy folks, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a top hit that people visit from all over the world. And of course, you can’t leave Los Angeles without visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame to stand on your favorite entertainer’s star!

For The Outdoorsmen and Women in los angeles

Los Angeles isn’t just all city and nightlife and famous people. You can do anything in LA, including living in a sportsman’s paradise. Almost everywhere you can find bike tours; in Santa Monica, Venice, or the heart of Los Angeles. Surfers move to LA JUST to have good surf, and when the waves aren’t good, they ride the sand dunes. You can get surfing lessons all over the place. If you want to spend time in the water, you can go paddle boarding, snorkeling, diving, and if you’re a land creature, there are endless hiking options.

Los Angeles is called the city of dreams for many reasons. The opportunities are absolutely everywhere. The West Coast laid-back vibe fills the people there, so you don’t need to worry about people being extremely aggressive. It’s a good place with good food, good people, and great adventures to be had. And it's one of the best places to get sober, no matter what age you are. Learn all about our Los Angeles Sober Living at