Choosing a Sober Living



A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Sober Living

Choosing to begin a recovery program is a huge decision, and selecting a specific recovery home can be overwhelming. There are many choices for sober living homes, each with different programs and opportunities to work towards sustained sobriety. The South Bay Sober Living recovery programs provide some of the best sober living opportunities in California. Our Los Angeles sober living location offers a holistic and supportive sober living experience that is sure to be beneficial for individuals working towards recovery.

Is a Sober Living Facility for You?

Our sober living participants come from a variety of different walks of life. Some individuals who commit to living in our sober community are just coming out of intensive residential therapy programs and are in need of a slightly more structured environment with a higher level of accountability. Other participants are individuals who have tried sober living on their own before and have struggled to stay sober independently. Still, others are new in their commitment to sobriety but are unable to leave the responsibilities of their daily lives to participate in an in-patient recovery setting. Whatever your needs, and wherever you are in your journey to recovery, South Bay Sober Living has a safe place for you to call home.

What Kinds of People Live There?

The individuals that commit to living at the South Bay Sober Living facility come from various racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our sober living community is dedicated to embracing this diversity and creating a space for tolerance and inclusion. You will find that all of our participants have two essential things in common: 1. They are committed to living a healthy, sober, life and are looking for other individuals to live in community with who have the same goal, and 2. They believe that Los Angeles is the best location for them to find balance and work towards recovery.

How Long Can Individuals Stay in the Sober Living Program?

Individuals live in the sober living facilities as long as they are actively working on and making progress towards goals related to independent sober living. Most individuals do not need to stay in the program for longer than 6-8 weeks because of the incredible growth that they make while housed at the facility. Our support staff will work with each resident to find and secure appropriate housing, whether they stay in LA or head back to their home community.

Why California is the Perfect Location for a Halfway House

Los Angeles can sometimes have a poor reputation when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. While it is true that people in California struggle with addiction, this applies to every state and location around the world. Southern California provides endless opportunities for creative and artistic expression, beautiful natural landscapes, and unlimited recreational opportunities for individuals with varied interests and experiences. LA is filled with positive and productive activities, opportunities for continued education, and career advancement opportunities.
One of the biggest threats to sobriety and reasons for relapse is boredom. Individuals who are working towards recovery can often be lured back into a life of drug and alcohol use because they feel there is nothing better to do in their local community. California offers countless chances to live a healthy, happy life, free of the grip of drug and alcohol addiction.

A True Home

Many individuals committed to sober living are wary of choosing to live in a sober living community or halfway house because they are concerned about what the conditions will be like. It is easy to imagine an unpleasant location that is lacking the amenities that most people look for in a personal residence. Luckily, the South Bay Sober Living house has everything that you could want, and more! The home is equipped with three full bathrooms, six large bedrooms, a full-size washer and dryer with free, unlimited use, a 50 inch TV, and a full kitchen completely stocked for all cooking and dining needs. Getting and staying sober is a challenging undertaking, but it doesn't have to be miserable. Our sober living facilities provide all of the comforts of home to create a comfortable and welcoming environment conducive to a positive recovery experience.

Intentional Structure

To begin and effectively maintain the process of recovery, it is essential to stick to a schedule of productive and meaningful tasks that contribute to a sober and healthy lifestyle. Many sober living facilities and halfway houses merely require that participants check in each night and check out each morning. This loose structure is precisely what contributes to unreached goals, relapse, and missed opportunities. Our dedicated staff and care team will work with each individual to create a customized schedule that best fits their particular needs. While all participants will be expected to attend house meetings, therapy sessions, and other skills-building labs, we recognize that many people working towards recovery have obligations to meet, relationships to maintain, and are working to reestablish trust with the people and organizations most important to them. We are willing to work with our participants to manage work schedules, child visitation schedules, college course schedules, and other crucial and productive obligations. We provide opportunities for individuals to hold themselves accountable and to build a community of people who will hold them accountable as well.

Looking at the Experience of Staff

Our trained and dedicated care team is committed to the individual recovery process of each of our participants. All our therapists hold at least a master's degree in their field and are licensed by the State of California. Our house staff has decades of experience in human services fields between them. Our team undergoes extensive background checks and participates in comprehensive training in drug and alcohol recovery, and trauma informed care, strengths-based support, conflict mediation, and 12-step mentorship and sponsorship before working with the clients at South Bay Sober Living.

Making Sure there is Staff On-Site

Our Southern California Sober Living Facilities have 24/7 house managers on staff at all times. These managers help to encourage cooperation between residents, help establish and maintain standards of personal responsibility, and provide continuous support towards sober living for our residents. Drug and alcohol therapists are also available throughout the day and on an on-call basis to give one-on-one assistance to participants who are facing a crisis or who are in need of immediate counseling to avoid relapse.

How Close is Outpatient Support?

Outpatient support is abundant in the Los Angeles area. 12-Step meetings take place at various community centers and churches throughout the area.  Group therapy sessions are available at multiple counseling centers, as well as at the South Bay Sober Living facility itself on a weekly basis. LA's vibrant culture also offers music and art therapy, animal support therapy, and outdoor/nature based recovery groups. This diverse offering of support programming means that individuals with a wide variety of needs for sustained sobriety will be able to connect to support services that are meaningful for their recovery process.

What Does the Surrounding Sober Community Look Like?

There is a large and vibrant sober community in Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California Area. There are abundant 12-Step groups that meet regularly, several religious communities that focus on sobriety, and dozens and dozens of MeetUp groups that are active and participate in a variety of sober social activities such as surfing, dancing, meditation, support groups, and other valuable options. 

How Willing is Staff to Talk with Family?

South Bay Sober Living staff takes participant confidentiality very seriously. While we are passionate about providing family support and encourage our participants to re-establish and strengthen meaningful connections with their family members, specific information regarding client goals, success, challenges, and experiences can only be shared with family members after a waiver has been signed. Rest assured that our staff will help participants to set goals that include building and maintaining open and honest channels of communication with family members. However, recovery is a personal process, and individuals must walk the path to sobriety on their terms and in their own way.


The thought of living in a structured sober living community can be overwhelming, especially after having lived as an independent adult for years or even decades. It can be unsettling to think that you won't have any control over your own life and may be treated like a child. While some sober living facilities take an inappropriate, dehumanizing approach to recovery, South Bay Sober Living is dedicated to addressing each resident with respect and dignity while providing targeted support designed to help individuals maintain long-term sobriety. Our sober living community thrives on the value of mutual respect. Participants can always expect to receive respect from staff, professionals, and other residents, but each participant is expected to follow the house guidelines for their benefit and the benefit of those around them. Prospective residents are encouraged to be realistic about their ability to abide by the following guidelines before committing to participate in our sober living communities.

Zero Tolerance Policy

South Bay Sober Living has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and violence. The existence of any one of these things in our safe, sober, living homes threatens the recovery process of every one of our residents and can endanger the health and safety of our staff and counseling professionals. Our sober living home is designed to support individuals who are committed to their recovery and to living in community with others who have the same goal. Any resident who is found with drugs or alcohol, or who commits an act of violence against a resident or staff member, will be asked to leave immediately and will not be eligible for reentry. This expectation is essential for the health and well-being of everyone at South Bay Sober Living facilities.

No overnight guests

Our sober living homes are not designed to accommodate outside guests. While family and sober visitors are welcome during the day, overnight guests will not be permitted. Residents will have the opportunity to earn overnight passes to see family and friends who are supportive of their recovery journey. We understand that this guideline can be frustrating, particularly for residents who have family visiting from out of town. We encourage residents to remember that our sober living facility is a temporary arrangement and that our goal is to help residents build the skills and confidence necessary to obtain independent housing very soon. Our committed staff can help find and arrange overnight accommodations for interested guests.

100% Commitment to Sobriety

Our residents are expected to pledge themselves to the goal of sobriety and stay in recovery as long as they live on the premises.  Participants will be asked to take regular drug tests, to create an environment of accountability. Tampering with a test can be grounds for automatic dismissal from the program. Drug tests are always performed by same-gender staff and are conducted with full professionalism. While drug testing can be uncomfortable, it is a necessary requirement for establishing and maintaining a healthy and sober environment for all of our residents.

Goals Progress

Upon admission, residents will work with our professional staff to establish short and long-term goals related to sustained sobriety and independent clean living. Participants are expected to meet with therapists and house staff weekly to discuss goals and progress towards them. Residents must continue to make forward progress towards their goals, and not remain stagnant, to continue to have a place in the program.

Positive Community Participation

Community living is a vital part of the recovery process for individuals in a sober living home. All residents are expected to treat one another with respect. Participants should refrain from participating in gossip or other bullying behaviors. Residents are encouraged to work with one another to uplift the team to promote sustained sobriety for all participants. Residents will have the opportunity to participate in conflict resolution training sessions and will have access to trained conflict mediation staff should the need arise.

The South Bay Sober Living community is located in a popular area and provides unique and exceptional support for individuals working towards recovery. We expect residents admitted to the program to fully commit and take the expectations seriously for their health and well-being.  We also expect them to take advantage of the incredible program they have access to.

Our Support

While there is support for sober living throughout the Los Angeles Metro area, the staff at South Bay Sober Living is dedicated to bringing support and opportunities for recovery right to our participants' front door. By participating in the in-house support services provided, our clients will have the chance to participate in therapy, meetings, and other kinds of valuable programming without having to leave their home. South Bay Sober Living provides access to:

12-Step Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous group meetings are held weekly in our sober living home. 12-Step programs have been offering support and sober living skills to individuals for almost a century now, and they continue to be utilized because they provide lasting and meaningful support for individuals seeking to attain sustained sobriety. In this program, participants will learn to connect to a higher power - whatever that looks like for them, to secure external support and motivation to live a sober life. Participants will also get to share their experiences and hear about the experiences of other addicts who have suffered from similar addictions and behaviors and have similar goals. AA and NA are also offered in almost every community around the United States, so individuals who participate in the programming at South Bay Sober Living will have a connection to a community that they can find wherever they go.

Goal Setting

While a sober living facility is an excellent short-term solution for individuals seeking a safe space conducive to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, South Bay Sober Living hopes to empower each resident with the skills necessary to attain sustained sobriety as an independent person. Our trained professional staff will collaborate with each participant in our program to establish SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) short and long-term goals so that they may move towards the ultimate goal of independent, happy, healthy, sober living. Residents will have the opportunity to share their progress with skills workers, therapists, and their housemates to maintain accountability to themselves and others as it relates to their goals. At South Bay Sober Living, we are committed to curating individual and personalized goals that are specific to each participant, rather than working towards a "one-size fits all" generic goals sheet.

In-House Meetings

Our unique house meeting structure is designed to help residents build skills while creating personal and group accountability. House meetings will consist of household responsibility dialogues, where all residents will have the opportunity to work together to identify household needs and take on weekly household maintenance responsibilities. Individuals will also rotate the responsibility of "house leader," to gain valuable leadership skills and gain experience in providing one-on-one, low stakes accountability support to others.  Participants will also be able to discuss their struggles and triumphs in their recovery process during house meetings and can feel confident that they will receive meaningful support while they work towards their recovery goals.

Individual and Group Therapy: Recovery is an ongoing process that requires introspection and a clear understanding of the previous experiences and influences that have created a pattern of drug and alcohol use behaviors. Our licensed professional counselors and therapists are available to provide one-on-one and group therapy services to help participants address and manage destructive choice patterns and emotional and situational stress that leads to drug and alcohol use. Participants in the sober living community will be connected with a comprehensive care team that will provide weekly individual and group therapy sessions. Individual therapists will implement both innovative and tried-and-true methods of counseling, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and psychosomatic therapy will be used together to provide a space for healing and build skills for lasting sobriety. Our therapists also manage independent practices in the Los Angeles Metro area, so our participants can rest assured that they will be able to continue their meaningful relationships with their counselor even when they leave the structured sober living environment.

Community Collaboration

Drug addiction is notorious for damaging or ending relationships entirely. In our sober living house, however, you will be given the opportunity to practice living in community with the people around you. Residents are offered training and support for conflict resolution and will also have the chance to participate in "community skills building" in which participants will work together to cook a meal, complete household maintenance, and participate in landscaping projects. These community social skills are sure to benefit residents as they become more and more active in the greater Los Angeles community as employees, volunteers, and community group members.

Skill Building

Our expert professional staff provides skills instruction for all of the residents of the sober housing program. Participants will work on skills related to identifying and avoiding triggers for drug and alcohol use, stress management, peer pressure coping skills, and overcoming drug and alcohol cravings. Obtaining and practicing these skills independently and in a group, settings are designed to help individuals build an arsenal of tools to help avoid relapse.
Transportation Navigation: Los Angeles has one of the best public transportation systems in the United States! Our staff and residents will help all new participants to learn about the bus, train, and shuttle systems so that they can travel the city with ease. Our staff is also available to help individuals utilize ride-sharing apps, and are available to help support residents who have goals related to obtaining personal transportation.

Vocational and Career Support

Many individuals who have decided to participate in our sober living communities have decided to begin taking steps towards both recovery and self-discovery in the form of taking on a new career path. Residents will have the opportunity to work with counseling staff to discuss career interests, take career placement assessments, and discuss options and processes as they relate to beginning a new career path. Individuals who are interested will also have the chance to connect with the abundant local colleges and universities to discuss how higher education may benefit them as they work towards securing a fulfilling and positive new vocation. South Bay Sober Living facilities are a great place for residents to grab hold of new beginnings!

Financial and Insurance Navigation

We recognize that committing to recovery can often be expensive. That is why we have designated financial literacy support staff to help residents and their families find ways to afford their important recovery process. We are experts in Health Savings Accounts, PPO insurance coverage, and grant funding that is available to subsidize the cost of your recovery options. We are also willing to provide payment plan options, and fees on a sliding scale for those who qualify.

Connection to Local Social Services

Addiction can often lead to a myriad of social, legal, financial, and other problems. We realize that sober living may be the first step in a long series of steps that need to be taken to restore order and repair the damage done by drug and alcohol addiction. Our professional staff can connect our residents to local social work services so that participants can gain access to affordable healthcare, obtain support to manage and rectify legal issues related to substance abuse, learn about forms of food and cash assistance, and connect to specialized services for veterans and the disabled. South Bay Sober Living is committed to providing support for every aspect of the lives of our clients.

Family Support

Family members can be a valuable and vital part of the recovery process. South Bay Sober Living can provide family counseling services to individuals that are interested. Our holistic focus on recovery means that we offer more than basic family therapy, however. Our expert support team and the staff can connect participants in our programs to a myriad of different family support services, including but not limited to: parenting classes, family lawyers, support for children of adults with chemical dependence histories, and childhood sexual abuse counseling and legal support.

Holistic Development

At South Bay Sober Living, we believe that recovery is about more than getting and staying clean. Research shows that committing to a healthy lifestyle, in mind, body, and spirit, decreases rates of relapse and increases overall health and wellbeing. We provide more than just a place to be sober; we provide a place to thrive in all aspects of life! South Bay offers programming to help residents feel and be their very best, including:


Meditation is a practice of beginning to merely observe the mind's thought patterns, rather than be engrossed in or overwhelmed by them. Meditation instruction, as well as guided meditation sessions, are available to residents.

Group Exercise

Regular exercise helps to change paths in the brain to seek the “natural high” from endorphins rather than the artificial high from drugs and alcohol. Our residents enjoy participating in both organized and spontaneous physical activity. Many participants take evening walks as a group and enjoy the sights and sounds of the busy metro as well as the serene beach settings available. Other individuals join local fitness clubs and participate in group dance and yoga classes, or meet up with a group to lift weights or play tennis or other team sports. South Bay Sober Living also has a small exercise facility on site for individuals who are looking for a smaller or more private exercise space. We encourage all participants to add exercise into their personalized schedule, regardless of what that physical activity looks like.

Outdoor Activities

Los Angeles is home to a host of beautiful, natural landscapes that our residents enjoy. Participants in our sober living facility will have access to activities like beach activities (including surfing, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, and other beach sports) and our beautiful zoos and botanical gardens.  The area also boasts hundreds of parks and outdoor spaces and extreme sports opportunities (i.e., skydiving, base jumping, bungee jumping) for those who are interested!

Spiritual Development Opportunities

Los Angeles is a diverse and interesting place with opportunities for people of all different faith backgrounds. Individuals who are interested in attending or exploring different religious services are sure to find exactly what they are looking for in LA. 

Volunteer/Service Projects

Our residents participate in monthly group service projects at various locations around the LA metro area. Individuals who are interested in additional service work can work with our scheduling staff to ensure that service work can be a meaningful part of their weekly or daily schedule.