Reasons to Consider Gender-Specific Rehab

Addiction is not a disease anyone sets themselves out to be a victim of, however, there are many addicts around and as thus necessitates the need to get help from professionals who are trained and skilled in helping them work their way through the substance abuse and the withdrawal symptoms along with other effects that may arise due to withdrawal from the abused substance.

Many addicts believe they will be able to stop the consumption of the abused substance on their own before they became totally addicted reaching the point of no return however, it is important to seek help when addiction has reached its all-time high point.

There are several methods which may be adopted by addiction professionals to work out the problem of addiction with patients as addiction remains a treatable illness through the use of a number of recovery tools which can be chosen from by the experts to help in promoting men’s sober living in Southern California.

There are many twelve-step programs and support groups that have been established by addiction treatment experts as a means of helping addicts work through their addiction leaving them fully cured of their addiction and the urge to consume or indulge in their addiction.

Addiction treatment experts have helped countless individuals work through their addiction to achieve a state of lasting sobriety. However, addiction treatment is not general as individuals may need special treatment plans and packages based on a number of reasons including their age, sex, substance abused, mental stability and health condition among several other factors to consider.

Finding the right treatment program for addicts can be a very daunting task, however, one of the best ways to narrow down the addiction treatment option has been the adoption of gender-specific treatment programs which offers treatment programming for either men or women as against the mixed or co-ed addiction treatment programs.

Choosing a gender-specific addiction treatment program for men in order to achieve men’s sober living in Southern California presents a lot of advantages some of which are highlighted below:

Being Able to Focus on Recovery

Humans are prone to a number of instinctive urges especially towards the opposite sex and this may most often than not be a distraction especially during an addiction treatment program. The presence of other addicts of the same gender makes it easier for men to focus on working through their addiction and further helping them stay away from the substance they abused. For instance, a heterosexual male who is a sex addict might find a mixed addiction treatment program to be a form of temptation making it easier to slide back into the addiction thus rendering the treatment program ineffective.

More Comfortable Around One’s Own Gender

Gender remains one of the most common grounds upon which people connect and as such, finding yourself among men or women of the same gender working through similar or different cases of addiction might provide the patient with a support system which allows them to feel better and not alone in their journey to sobriety. Most often than not, an average person will gravitate toward the same gender for friendships and as such lending a professional and peer support to achieving men’s sober living in Southern California.

Effective Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Available evidence proves that people who suffer from any form of addiction are also prone to suffer from co-occurring, or co-morbid, psychological disorder. Persons suffering from alcohol addiction may be exposed to a mental or emotional disorder such as addiction. In the case of co-morbid disorder, a dual-diagnosis support or treatment – which offers treatment to the addiction and the occurring effect- may be needed. However, most co-morbid disorders may be characterized based on gender, therefore, making it easier to treat men who exhibit similar co-morbid disorders on their journey to men’s sober living in Southern California.

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