Activities in Southern California That Are Fun Sober

SoCal is infamous for its stellar night-life, party scene, and its celebrity magnet status. For someone in recovery, this can initially seem like a hotbed of temptation. However, because of Southern California’s dense and diverse population, there is an abundance of excellent sober activities to take part in. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, enjoy spending time with other friends in recovery, or just want to relax, the larger Los Angeles metro area has exactly what you’re looking for as you work towards sustained sobriety.


There's always a new place to check out in Southern California. The Surfliner (Amtrack) train provides gorgeous views on the way to San Diego. There are artsy stops along the way, and excellent options to check out the local cuisine. Many people also enjoy taking the opportunity to explore Newport Beach and Catalina Island. Newport Beach has plenty of fun, sober, local attractions, including many piers, beautiful beaches, and even a reptile zoo! Take an hour long, scenic, ferry ride over to Catalina Island to enjoy shopping, local food, or a killer zip line!


Southern California has tons of theme park opportunities. If you're looking to put your wits to the ultimate test by riding extreme rides or want an energetic day of friends, food, and games, Universal Studios, Disneyland, SeaWorld, SixFlags, and Knott's Berry Farm can each provide excitement and more. Discounted rates for groups and other promotions are available throughout the year so that these fun, sober-friendly options can be affordable as well.

Sports and Entertainment

Hockey and baseball fans, rejoice! Both major league hockey and baseball stadiums are located in SoCal so you can catch a game with other sober friends. There are also endless concert, comedian, and other variety show performances throughout the area. While not every venue will be exclusively sober-friendly, learning to have positive fun with other sober friends at different types of activities can be a great time.

The Great Outdoors

While it may seem obvious, the beach is a great place to enjoy some peaceful alone time or enjoy beach activities (surfing, volleyball, etc.) with good friends. There are also ample opportunities to get involved with community sports, like a local softball or basketball league, to get fit while socializing in the warm California sunshine. Social is also home to a whole host of different hiking and biking trails for individuals of all skill and ability levels. With so many great activities, it'll be hard not to spend all day outside!

Support Opportunities

Committing to living a new sober life requires abundant outside support. While having access to fun activities is important to keep busy and manage stress, making an intentional effort to join communities of other individuals working towards sustained sobriety is essential. Southern California is home to a large number of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meeting groups located across the metro, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield, Long Beach, Chula Vista, Riverside, and Santa Ana. No matter where in Southern California you are choosing to work towards recovery, you can be certain that there will be a supportive community with similar goals.