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San Diego sober living homes are the right place for people who have been struggling with drug and alcohol use to recover from their addiction. It provides a smooth transition between detoxing and/or drug rehab and getting back into daily life and all of the distractions that come along with that. Residing in a well-established recovery community gives our residents a secure and drug and alcohol free place to live in which their peers can support them through the whole experience.

What Qualities To Look For in A San Diego Sober Living Home

Each sober living home will have varying levels of structure, and various requirements for living there will have different ideas about recovery. It is important for you to ask questions when you are looking for a healthy living environment for your loved one. Some good questions to ask are:

  1. How far is the sober living home from the addicts hometown?
  2. How many residents live in the sober living?
  3. What is the average sober time of the current residents?
  4. Are the residents drug tested, and if so, how often?
  5. What is the average age of the current residents?
  6. Does the sober living home hold house meetings?
  7. What is the daily structure of the sober living home, if any?
  8. What is the sober living's stance on getting a sponsor and working the 12 steps?
  9. What is the sober living's dating policy?

Why Gender Specific Sober Living is Important

A good sober living home will be separated out by gender. The reason for this is that separating men and women, helps to remove the distractions that the opposite sex can bring, and help residents trying to get sober, to have time to focus on themselves and their program. It keeps the addict or alcoholic in the moment by getting rid of many of the distractions of social media, video games, and the competition that can lead to lying and manipulation of their family and friends.

Having a peer group that comes from a similar background, and hare struggling with the same issues of drug addiction and alcoholism, can be a huge bonding experience for residents, and helps to create positive and lasting friendships that are rooted in recovery.

Living A Sober Life

Removing the drugs and alcohol form an addicts life is just the beginning. Once our residents have established a solid footing in their new sobriety, it is important for them to get to experience fun activities and hobbies. Developing a passion for living a sober life comes though, along side working the 12 steps, diving into the things that the addict or alcoholic enjoys. Many residents have been in their active addiction for so long that they don't even know what those things are. Luckily for the residents of San Diego, there are lots of things to enjoy in the city and surrounding areas. Our sober living home is located in Torrance, CA. Another beach city with very similar activities, just a bit farther north. If you are from the San Diego area, it could be a good idea to find a sober living that is a bit farther away from where you were involved in your active addiction for the initial transition to living sober. Southern California has great options that aren't next to where you are from!

Things To Do In San Diego

Along with everything that the city and the beach has to offer, some fun things to do in San Diego are:

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