Redono Beach, CA

Our Redondo Beach Sober Living is located right off of Aviation Blvd. in the center of Redondo Beach, CA. The house is conveniently situated nearby the local shopping malls, grocery stores, jobs, schools, and of course AA and NA meetings.

The Redondo Beach sober living house has a moderate structure. We believe in allowing our residents to live their ususal lives, but early recovery is hard, so we do provide some basic rules and structure that should be followed. We provide drug testing, onsite management, and in house meetings in order to provide a safe and recovery focused living space.

We are here to give all of our residents a safe and sober place to live and reintegrate themselves back into the world as a sober member of society.

Redondo Beach Sober Living

The Redondo Beach location of South Bay Sober Living is right off of Aviation Blvd. It is right in the heart of the community with lots of recreational activities, shopping, public transportation, job opportunities and more. Redondo Beach is home to hundreds of AA and NA meetings every week. The Greater Los Angeles area is known for having one of the strongest recovery communities in the world, and we feel grateful to live in such a recovery rich area.

Recovery House Structure

We believe in teaching independent living to our residents. Our Redondo Beach location holds weekly in house meetings, where we talk to the residents about what their goals are, and how they are striving towards achieving them, and how all of it fits into their sobriety. Everyone who lives at the Redondo Beach house should either be working, looking for work, and/or go to school, along with attending AA or NA meeting regularly, getting a sponsor, working the 12 steps, and are expected to contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of their house. All of this is in place to help them to grow as an individual in their sobriety.

At the Redondo Beach sober living house, as with all of our sober livings, we provide a safe, recovery based environment to promote success in life and recovery.

A Sober Lifestyle

We believe that there is much more to getting sober than just stopping drinking and using. In addition to encouraging all of our residents to become active in their recovery by getting a sponsor and jumping into their step-work, we also encourage them to become active in their lives and get into hobbies and other activities.

Things To Do In Redondo Beach, CA

There is lots to do in Redondo Beach California. Of course, there is the beautiful Redondo State Beach, where you can enjoy suntanning, walking, surfing, swimming, fishing, and enjoying the beautiful weather that Southern California has to offer. For more water activities, there is the Seaside Lagoon water park where you can spend the day having fun on water slides and soaking up sun rays. For sports and other activities, Veterans Park is a great choice. A huge park with plenty of space to walk, picnic, or play basketball, football, and more. Southern California sobriety doesn't get better than this!

Redondo Beach House
(310) 340-1936

1525 Aviation Blvd.
Suite 121
Redondo Beach, CA 90278