Why Choose a Southern California Sober Living?

The team at South Bay Sober Living is dedicated to providing one of the best sober living facilities in Southern California. We have an excellent group of trained professional staff to help support the unique and diverse needs of each of our participants. We also provide comfortable and spacious living environments, complete with all of the amenities of home, to ensure that all of our clients feel at home while they work towards their sobriety goals. One of the most attractive aspects of our sober living facilities is the location. We have several sober living homes for men and women around the Southern California region. SoCal is a beautiful area that caters to the varied interests of every individual. From the vibrant arts and music scene, to the gorgeous beach and alpine landscapes, there is always a wide array of sober experiences to have and healthy things to see and do in the area. Recovery is often a time of self-discovery; an opportunity to discover and reconnect with both new and forgotten interests. The endless outdoor opportunities, the stellar and expansive sober community, coupled with the diverse and unique opportunities in Southern California make our sober living facilities an ideal place to truly connect with yourself and other like-minded individuals who are also committed to sobriety.


Our interdisciplinary care team is prepared to offer support to individuals who are struggling with chemical dependency issues of any kind. Our sober living participants come from a myriad of diverse backgrounds when it comes to drug and alcohol use, but everyone who commits to our sober facility has one goal in mind: getting and staying clean.

Our sober living participants will have the opportunity to connect with 12-step recovery groups in the area that specifically address their previous drug use patterns and habits. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous, and other addiction 12-step groups are abundant in Southern California. We are confident that each of our participants will be able to find a local community - both inside and outside of our structured facility, that is familiar with their plight and experience of recovery.

While we are able to provide support for individuals struggling with any type of substance abuse issue, we most commonly support those who are working to recover from alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription medication (Vicodin, OxyContin, Ritalin, Fentanyl, Adderall, Xanax, Valium, Codeine, etc.), methamphetamine, and club drugs (MDMA, Ecstacy, etc.). Whether you are struggling with addiction to one, two, or several of these different substances, our expert care staff and supportive sober community can help you to begin your path towards recovery and sustained sobriety.


Our sober living participants come from many different walks of life. Some individuals are coming to our sober living facility straight from an intensive residential treatment facility, while others come from their home community across the country to gain a new start and fresh perspective when it comes to attaining and maintaining their sobriety. We can provide an intentionally structured environment and work to offer support and accountability for individuals who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction across a broad spectrum of severity.

Our sober living facilities also maintain a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use. This means that, unlike other halfway house locations, our participants will never experience the awkward and uncomfortable temptation of being surrounded by individuals who are not truly committed to their recovery. Our participants can rest assured that they will receive the support they need from the staff and their fellow partners in recovery.

We understand the realities of life. For most people, it is completely impossible to entirely abandon the responsibilities of daily life for several months or years to attain sobriety. That is why our programs are designed to help participants gain the skills necessary to live a sober, independent life in only 6-8 weeks. Our intensive goal setting and therapeutic support offer our participants the unique opportunity to become ready to live a positive and productive life in a short time.

We have found that many of the individuals who come to our sober living facilities are often struggling with co-occurring mental health diagnoses. Our expert licensed counseling staff members can provide personalized psychological health counseling and are also able to offer referrals to local psychiatrists for those who would benefit from a psychotropic medication regimen. While our sober living facilities are not able to accommodate those that are struggling with severe mental health issues, for those that are in need of mild to moderate mental health support, South Bay Sober Living is an excellent option.

We're confident that our individualized recovery support will help you or your loved one to begin to live a sober and fulfilling life. Our highly-trained support staff are committed to seeing their residents succeed. Contact us today to reserve your spot in one of our beautiful Southern California sober living homes.


All of our sober living facilities are located in the sunny and beautiful Southern California area. We know that our lovely locations will provide ample opportunities to get involved in meaningful and productive activities that make sober living fulfilling and enjoyable. Whether you are looking for a relaxed, residential environment, or an outdoorsy, active location, we are confident that we will have a sober living facility in an area that will best fit your recovery needs.


Torrance is a quiet beach city only about 45 minutes southwest of Los Angeles. The city has a nearby large community college, a beautiful mall called Del Amo Fashion Center, miles of gorgeous beaches, and popular parks and museums. Torrance has a small, hometown feel, and is perfect for individuals looking to have access to all of the amenities city life in LA brings, but prefer to come home to a quiet, cozy, environment. Located in the heart of the South Bay, Torrance residents can expect to have access to the expansive 44 acre Wilson Park, where a skate park, roller rink, and farmer's market are popular attractions. Torrance is also conveniently located about an hour away from Orange County which is home to famous beaches and stellar theme parks. If you're looking for a relaxed beach vibe location to begin your recovery journey, Torrance is definitely the place for you!


Redondo Beach is home to some of the most famous beach landscapes in the world. Many popular television shows, like Baywatch and The O.C., have utilized the gorgeous beach and pier in Redondo Beach for filming, and have helped to make the location even more recognizable. Water sports are incredibly popular in Redondo Beach, and you can always expect to see groups of surfers out catching waves and people out on the beach playing beach volleyball. Individuals interested in aerospace and engineering will love being so close to several engineering firms located in Redondo Beach. This largely residential city is also home to a performing arts center, historical museum, and stunning archival parks and libraries. Redondo Beach is also only an hour away from the sophisticated and popular Newport Beach. For individuals in recovery who are genuinely looking for a place that feels like home, but want the bonus of abundant water sports and outdoor activities, Redondo Beach is a perfect choice.


San Diego is a unique and diverse border city in the southernmost region of California. Only a 30-minute drive from beautiful Solana Beach, San Diego is a gorgeous, family-friendly, cultural center. The city is home to the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, many popular art, photography, science, and historical museums. The San Diego Symphony and The San Diego Opera also call this beautiful location home. San Diego boasts abundant cultural diversity and is known in the region to have some of the best cuisines in the SoCal area. You'll appreciate the beautiful views, plentiful cultural opportunities, and world-class food in this highly sought after area. For individuals looking to get involved in the culture, arts, and music during their path to recovery, San Diego is an excellent choice.


Encinitas is conveniently located only 30 minutes from San Diego and about 90 minutes from LA. This city is home to a stellar classical ballet and almost a dozen different street festivals and outdoor community events throughout the year. Encinitas is home to almost 150 acres of developed and undeveloped park space, about 50 acres of beach space, and over 40 miles of walking, hiking, and biking trails. Be sure to check out Healing Street, where you can find dozens of different traditional and modern health practitioners. This city boasts tons of different yoga facilities, a booming arts scene, and a diverse population. For those on the lookout for a balanced and holistic recovery experiences, Encinitas is where it's at!


Whether you are personally seeking out support and treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction, or if you are hoping to find a drug rehab center in California for a loved one, our professional staff is here to help you effectively plan for the transition to a recovery house. We can help build flight itineraries and coordinate ground transportation to any of our Southern California sober living locations. We are also able to help addicts and their loved ones navigate the process of filing appropriate insurance claims to obtain the lowest out of pocket cost for care possible. We understand that the financial component of seeking out quality treatment is often the most difficult. We're highly dedicated to being your advocate and expert support during the financial planning process.

We get it. When you're making a big transition, organizing the "how" can be stressful and overwhelming. Getting sober will be one of the toughest things you do in your life, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Our compassionate and experienced staff can help you get here and get started on a brand new path to recovery.


Getting sober can be incredibly difficult. It's easy to begin to feel isolated and alone, as you undergo one of the most important journeys of your life. Our Southern California sober living houses are separate for men and women to decrease the number of distractions that can threaten sobriety. They are also separated to help to create an intentional community of individuals who are familiar with the experiences of those around them.


Men make up a large majority of individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, our society's focus on suppressing emotion has created an environment where many men choose to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with stress, pain, or traumatic experiences. These unique experiences often lead to men feeling unable to truly open up about the reasons affecting their drug or alcohol use. By creating a recovery environment exclusively for men, our professional staff can begin to create a space where men can be vulnerable, express their emotions, and start to truly address the life factors that have contributed to their continued use. Our Southern California men's sober living facilities offer our participants the opportunity to create meaningful and lasting connections with other individuals in recovery as they work together to attain sustained sobriety.


Women experience unique life experiences that merit women-only recovery facilities. Many women who struggle with substance abuse issues have been the victims of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Our women’s sober living facility provides space for women to process this trauma in a community of other individuals who can empathize with their unique experience. A women-only sober living environment also offers an increased level of safety and security for women who may have previously had violent or uncomfortable experiences with men in their lives. This intentional and tight-knit community of women allows them to support one another as they work towards a healthy and productive life without drug or alcohol use.


Making the commitment to leave your daily life to receive the support available at a sober living facility can be challenging. Here at South Bay Sober Living, we strive to make the transition as comfortable as possible. We have equipped our SoCal sober living facilities with all of the comforts of home, including a full-size washer and dryer, a 50-inch community television, a full kitchen, six bedrooms and six full bathrooms. Each of our participants is hoping to gain the skills necessary to live a sober life independently, and creating a home-like atmosphere is essential to begin working towards that goal. This "true home" allows participants to enjoy the responsibility associated with independent living while having staff and peers to help maintain accountability and teamwork skills.

Individuals admitted to the South Bay Sober Living homes will also quickly find that the local and community amenities can make added contributions to their recovery journey. Health clubs, ocean and beach exercise groups, abundant shopping and new cuisine experiences, outdoor enthusiast communities, plus a myriad of other hobby and interest groups are available across the South Bay area. Southern California provides a unique and diverse experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We are confident that these endless community connection opportunities will help our clients to stay engaged in and enthusiastic about their recovery process.


Our in-house support services are designed to provide wrap-around support for each of our sober living participants in order to increase the likelihood of long-term success. Individuals admitted to the facilities provided by South Bay Sober Living will have access to tools like: individual and group support, a strong and encouraging housemate community, additional support for family relationships, career and educational consulting support. We prioritize a holistic approach to recovery in order to provide long-lasting physical, mental and spiritual wellness for the mind, body, and soul. We are sure that our unique, whole-life recovery system will ensure that you receive the best care and support available in Southern California.

  • Group Therapy and Support

Our sober living participants are given the unique opportunity to live with other individuals who have experienced similar use patterns and who are also completely committed to living a clean and sober lifestyle. Our sober living participants can participate in regular 12-step program meetings both in our sober living home and in the local community. These 12-step programs have been helping individuals attain and maintain sobriety for 50 years now, and they continue to be a productive and community focused recovery option for individuals seeking sustained sobriety. These 12-step programs allow individuals to understand the disease of addiction better, create a sense of connectedness to a more significant and higher power, and offers a committed and compassionate community to help individuals to meet their sobriety goals.

Individuals admitted to the South Bay Sober Living homes will also have the opportunity to work with licensed professional therapeutic staff as they participate in group therapy sessions with their fellow housemates. These group therapy sessions allow individuals to express their triumphs and concerns as it relates to their personal recovery journey. Participants will be able to receive and give support to a community of their peers. The group will also be able to receive feedback from their group therapist who can help the team understand the triggers for and signs of use better.

  • Goal Setting and Individual Therapy

At the end of the day, recovery is a personal journey that requires individual commitment. Sustained sobriety is a personal choice, and it's up to each to make the daily decision to stay clean and sober. Each of our sober living participants will work with a therapist and skills worker in one-on-one sessions to set goals and work through the unique personal barriers that threaten recovery and success. Participants admitted to the program will be able to set short and long-term goals that relate to recovery and gaining the skills necessary to live a sober, independent life. Each participant will also be able to connect with a confidential individual counselor who can help to identify the previous experiences, personality characteristics, and personal triggers that influence drug and alcohol use. These personalized supports will allow each participant to build healthy and meaningful relationships with their support personnel to increase the effectiveness of the different treatment plans.

  • Community Building and Conflict Mediation

Very often, prolonged drug and alcohol use can begin to erode personal and professional relationships. These broken relationships often lead to the drug or alcohol user experiencing isolation and missing out on crucial communication and teamwork skills. In our sober living facilities, individuals will have the opportunity to work with their housemates to build a sense of community and connectedness. Participants will work together to hold one another accountable and manage their living spaces. Weekly house meetings will allow participants to organize effective cleaning, food, and other chore maintenance plans to gain necessary independent living and communication skills.

Our participants will also be able to participate in conflict mediation skills-building sessions to learn how to work through differences with their housemates. This valuable skill-building opportunity is sure to provide lasting tools that our participants can use for the rest of their lives. Our trained house managers are also available to provide individualized conflict mediation sessions for participants who need additional conflict resolution support.

  • Structured Support

Our sober living environment offers a structured living experience so that our participants can begin to hold themselves accountable for their recovery and sobriety goals. Individuals will be expected to contribute to the following various maintenance activities: maintenance and cleaning of living spaces, manage meal prep and cleanup, participate in productive daily activities like school, work, or volunteerism, and attendance of all group meetings and individuals goal planning and therapy sessions. Individuals are also encouraged to participate in daily self-care by beginning a meditation practice or joining in physical exercise at a gym or in the local community.

Participants in the sober living program at South Bay Sober Living will also be expected to adhere to all of the community guidelines and expectations, including a zero tolerance drug, alcohol, or violence policy, abstaining from having any overnight guests, and continuing to make progress towards their personal career, life, and sobriety goals. This structured support model is specifically designed to help participants learn the skills necessary to live independent, fulfilling, sober lives after they leave our sober living facility. Our structured program will help participants to effectively manage stress to decrease rates of relapse and increase the likelihood of a long-term, successful recovery.

  • Health Screenings and Medical Support

Our sober living facilities are fully equipped to provide comprehensive drug screening. These screening opportunities create an environment of accountability for all of the sober living participants and help to ensure a drug and alcohol-free recovery experience for all of the individuals admitted to our programs. Additionally, our professional mental health and house management staff can help connect and refer participants to additional medical support in the Southern California area. Whether clients are in need of psychotropic medication to help to manage depression or anxiety or need assistance to overcome minor ailments like a sprained knee or long lasting cold, the stellar medical professionals in and around the South Bay can provide exceptional care and personalized medical support.

  • Family Support

Drug and alcohol addiction is often considered a "family disease" because of how it impacts the loved ones that care for addicts. Our professional counseling staff can provide family therapy sessions for those that are interested in healing previously damaged relationships and helping families and loved ones establish and maintain healthy boundaries and expectations with the addicts in their lives.

Southern California is also an excellent place for families to seek additional community support with other families who have suffered from the addiction of a loved one. Al-Anon groups are abundant, and families have ample opportunities to work a 12-step program of their own to better understand how addiction impacts their loved one. These programs also help families to begin to realize that the addiction is beyond the control of family members and close friends. Our connected and compassionate counseling staff can work with families to create an individualized care plan so that the entire family can begin to work towards healing and reconciliation.

Support for parents is also available for participants of the South Bay Sober Living homes. Parents who have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction often suffer from feelings of severe guilt and shame and may need additional support to overcome those feelings and establish the parenting skills necessary to be a more present and influential component of their children's lives. The staff at SBSL is willing to work with parents who have goals related to parenthood and sobriety and can connect participants to other skill-building resources in the South Bay area.

  • Whole-Life Support Connections

Drug addiction can often lead to a whole host of problems, including financial instability, career advancement problems, and legal issues. There are abundant resources in the Los Angeles metro and surrounding areas that can provide affordable support to individuals in recovery. Our skills workers are also able to help individuals admitted to our program to solidify their career and educational goals and begin to take steps towards fulfilling their true vocation. We know that chemical dependence can make almost every aspect of life more difficult, and we are here to help connect our sober living participants to the supportive resources that can help to get their lives back on track.

  • Intergenerational Connection

Our sober living facilities have no age requirements outside of an 18+ guideline. This means that individuals from many different walks of life and generational experiences will be able to work together to help one another meet their sustained sobriety goals. We are continually impressed by the ways that addicts from every generation can empower one another and provide wisdom and guidance to those around them.


Getting and staying sober is about more than willpower alone. At South Bay Sober Living we believe in providing treatment and support for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Our sober living participants have access to many of the more traditional chemical dependency treatments, such as individual and group therapies, group support options like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and stress management and skills building techniques. However, our expert staff knows that this traditional support is simply not extremely effective when used alone. We provide opportunities for participants also to begin to move towards optimal physical and spiritual health as well to reach a higher state of overall well-being and recovery management.

  • Physical Health:

Our home-style living environment offers our clients the unique opportunity to work with nutrition professionals to learn to make healthy and wholesome dietary choices and gain the skills necessary to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen when it comes to preparing nourishing and health-promoting meals. Southern California has access to fresh, local, produce year round, and individuals in our sober living communities will quickly begin to expect quality, delicious, and nourishing whole foods as an essential and substantial part of their diet. The standard Standard American Diet (SAD) is filled with processed and artificial foods that are often extremely lacking in any nutritional content. Prolonged SAD eating can lead to increased stress and decreased impulse control, which can be a terrible combination for individuals working towards attaining and maintaining sobriety. South Bay Sober Living home participants will learn to prepare and enjoy whole food based meals that will help to improve mood and provide sustained energy for participating in the abundant healthy and enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities Southern California has to offer.

Our sober living participants will also have access to abundant physical wellness opportunities. Individuals can enjoy casual walking and running clubs, community group sports such as softball and beach volleyball, and fitness club activities like indoor lap swimming, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, and weight training. Sober living participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that Southern California has to offer, such as hiking, winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding, and more! The Los Angeles area is jam-packed with new and exciting outdoor physical activities to try, and we're confident that every member of our sober living community will quickly find life-enhancing and enjoyable physical activities to participate in to optimize their all-around health and wellness.

  • Spiritual Growth

We encourage all of our sober living participants to make a meaningful effort to connect to something larger than themselves. For some individuals, this means reconnecting to a faith tradition that they had previously abandoned. For others, it merely means getting in touch with nature and feeling like a small but essential part of the cosmos. Our commitment to the 12-step approach to recovery means that we believe that this connection to something more significant, whether that includes a conception of God or not, is essential to accepting the realities of the disease of addiction and beginning to make progress towards loving and accepting yourself as you work towards recovery. Southern California is an excellent location to truly explore and connect to a variety of diverse communities of religious and secular faith. With such a unique and multicultural population, we are confident that each of our sober living participants will be able to find a community of individuals who share their own religious and spiritual beliefs, no matter where you are on your faith journey.

Our interdisciplinary skills and professional staff are also available to provide meditation practice training and guided meditation experiences for all of our sober living participants. Beginning and staying committed to a regular meditation can help individuals to identify problematic patterns of thinking that contribute to relapse and prolonged drug and alcohol use. Continued meditation can also help individuals in recovery to obtain a more profound sense of calm and connection, which can contribute to sustained sobriety.

Participants in our sober living programs will also have the opportunity to connect with communities in need in Southern California through volunteer work and community service if they are interested. Serving communities in need can create a sense of connectedness and also helps to foster the critical experience of gratitude. Being intentional about being thankful provides the opportunity to realize that there is a lot to live for in this world outside of drug and alcohol use. Participants in our program will be able to work towards a greater sense of spiritual health and wellbeing to increase their chances of success on the road to recovery.


South Bay Sober Living is proud to boast some of the best trained and most committed interdisciplinary support staff in Southern California sober living. Our team of licensed professional mental health experts, qualified and experienced house managers, and exceptional community-based physicians, social workers, and vocational and career planning experts, are committed to providing top-notch and personalized care to all of our sober living participants.

Our staff members are committed to providing a safe and secure living environment at all times and are genuinely passionate about client confidentiality. We are always thrilled to know that our sober living participants have dedicated support systems outside of our facility, but our staff will never divulge any personal information related to treatment, goal maintenance, or participation status to family members or other loved ones without express written consent from the participant. SBSL clients who are living on campus can rest assured that their personal information will be kept in complete confidence so that they can make the personal and private changes needed to meet their sobriety goals.

All South Bay Sober Living facilities have round the clock staffing support to create and maintain a safe and uplifting environment for all of our participants. Our house managers are trained in recovery support and have years of experience supporting and encouraging individuals working to get and stay sober.


At South Bay Sober Living, we believe in providing ongoing support as you work towards recovery, even when you've left our sober living facilities. As you work towards different goals and reach different milestones during your time at one of our Southern California sober living homes, you will work with our professional support staff to create a personalized aftercare plan that you can have in place the day you walk out of our doors to ensure continued success in recovery. We can provide participants with long-term individualized counseling services, and ongoing group and skills groups that meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly, based on need. Individuals admitted to the South Bay Sober Living home programs are often able to continue to visit with the counseling staff that they built relationships with while they were residents of our live-in locations. Group support sessions will also continue to be conducted with other individuals in recovery that our participants have already had the chance to connect with. These continued positive relationships offer an added layer of accountability for our clients in order to increase the likelihood of success in recovery. Participants will also have the opportunity to connect with psychiatric professionals after leaving the facilities to help manage any co-occurring mental health diagnoses. They can also meet with career and higher education professionals who can help provide career-building resources, and community-based social workers who can provide information regarding low cost and income based health insurance, food support, and housing resources. We are committed to delivering all-encompassing holistic services for every individual who participates in our sober housing communities. Evidence indicates that quality and interdisciplinary support drastically increases the likelihood of successful recovery and sustained sobriety. Our professional and compassionate staff are dedicated to helping all of our clients to establish a unique aftercare support plan to help them maintain their goals of sustained sobriety and a healthy life. Interested in finding a Southern California Sober Living? South Bay Sober Living can help! Call us today at (844) 316-2809.