Sober Living
For Women

South Bay Sober Living works closely with female programs for women looking to build a strong foundation in sobriety.

Also located in the heart of Los Angeles, our affiliated women's house provides a nurturing environment for adult women to begin their journey to recovery. We promote healthy living and positive lifestyles in a safe and compassionate environment. We are extremely close to various activities such as yoga and hiking, as well as plenty of meetings to provide a balance for your recovery.

The women’s house is built around independent living, expecting the residents to have goal-oriented lifestyles, whether that means going back to school, continuing to work, beginning their careers or even furthering their treatment. We believe in teaching responsibility, whether it comes down to keeping personal areas clean or attending meals together. There are also weekly community meetings where we can address issues, set goals, voice concerns and have needs addressed. We also follow-up and check the progress of these goals, making sure that they are on their way to being attained!

Get Help Now

Finding solace in a house that feels like a home can be the saving grace for a recovering addict or alcoholic. Your new life can start here with us. We are just a phone call away.


Feel free to call our toll-free number (844) 316-2809 or simply use our contact form. We are looking forward to helping you.

1525 Aviation Blvd Suite 121 Redondo Beach, CA 90278