The Connection Between Alcoholism and Depression

The Relationship Between Alcohol Addiction and Depression

Say you find yourself in a repetitive state of reaching for wine, beer or vodka every other night? And then every other night would turn into every night and every night would turn into every morning and night. Then before you know it, you can’t see yourself surviving a day without drinking. It could be a hoot at first, but do not throw off the reason why you end up reaching for that next glass or bottle.


Though the exact cause-and-effect has not been thoroughly established, having depression creates habits that can lead to alcoholism while similarly, alcoholics are more susceptible to a depressed temperament, especially when they do not keep themselves busy. In Southern California sober living, there are facilities and services available for long-term rehabilitation that are individually suitable for men and women. It is all strategically located in Redondo Beach, where the beach becomes associated with tranquility.


Genetics has been long claimed to be a shared element in alcoholism and depression, but the weight of a social environment that starts from your childhood and key phrases in your life is deemed to have its significance. A history of abuse at any point in early mental, emotional and physical development sees its contribution to the negative consequences several years after. California sober living involves identifying dysfunctionality expressed in a depressed and/or alcoholic person’s habits. At first, these behavioral patterns are difficult to pin down as it has similar manifestations as the onsets of puberty. People around the depressed and alcoholics are to be sensitive when it comes to the point that it hinders everyday function and work.

Alcohol has a similar effect to the body as chocolate or drugs—in the sense that the more you ingest, the more you think you need them because of the endorphins that it releases in your system. If you feel that someone is drinking more than usual when they weren’t before, you need to decide whether something is wrong and talk to them about it because they could be using alcohol to be happy or feel pleasurable. Notice how drunk people are somehow released into a natural state and thinking that they are invincible? Exactly. Men’s sober living and addiction recovery in California need not be undermined. What we are here for is to know that this type of depressive-dependable behavior is actually reversible and all you have to do is be committed.

Don’t Wait; Act On Your Addiction Treatment Right Away

For the best California sober living, consider that the sooner you act on your addiction, the sooner you can cope. It is important to know the root of your behavior that either boils down to you seeking pleasure because it is referred pain from your traumatic experiences or a fluctuation of emotions makes you want to turn to destructive behavior patterns. In all of this, be conscious if you know you need help. Especially for a sober living for men California who are perpetually in denial, a brief moment of self-assessment, confidence, and belief may just be your stepping stone to a new self that you didn’t expect you could be.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction and you believe that a long-term treatment program is right for you, contact South Bay Sober Living today. 

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