When a loved one has gone through an addictions program, making the transition from rehabilitation to sober living can be daunting. It’s important to find a sober living facility for your loved one to continue their recovery and to ensure the greatest chance of success living a sober life. South Bay Sober Living can provide you with everything you and your family members need to make a move to the next stage of recovery with success.


What to Ask During an Interview


It’s important that you talk with several sober living facilities to determine which one is right for your loved one. Based on their needs, you’ll want to ask questions such as:


●     What is involved and included in the sober living facility?

●     What are the visiting rules?

●     What kind of aftercare programs are available?

●     What is done to prepare the person for living on their own later?


At South Bay Sober Living, we focus on ensuring each and every person who wants to live a sober life, gets the chance. We provide safe and welcoming space for men to concentrate on getting better and back to life. While living in our facility, we make sure our residents are accountable for their own lives, and we encourage them to focus on setting and achieving goals as a way to promote sobriety. We also offer weekly community meetings to talk about sober living in Southern California.


How to Know if it’s the Right Place for Your Loved One


People who try to get and stay sober on their own often don’t succeed because they need to help and support of many people. Sober living facilities, such as South Bay Sober Living, focuses on community-based efforts, so no one ever feels like they are alone. When you set out to find a sober living facility in Southern California, consider the impact community can make on your loved one’s success. Our sober living facility provides drug testing, counseling, weekly meetings, and several beds for housing multiple residents at once. Staying away from drugs and alcohol is only part of the solution; our residents spend time learning to take care of themselves through a healthy diet and exercise, learn to reintegrate into society by going back to school or work, and learn to appreciate their lives more by getting involved in community efforts and enjoying the local lifestyle.


Contact Us Today


Whether your loved one is ready to make a move from a rehabilitation program to a sober living facility now or not, it’s a good idea to start researching your options to make sure they have the best possible chance at sustained recovery. SouthBay Sober Living prides itself on taking a community approach to sober living and has seen great success at helping men get and stay sober. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We know this process can be complicated and we want to make sure you have everything you need to help your loved one continue to recover. You can also read about our services on the South Bay Sober Living Website.