Those who are familiar with the disease of addiction are often painfully aware of the struggles men and women face on the path to recovery. When left untreated, addiction can lead to devastating emotional and physical consequences. Addiction not only affects the individual, but those closest to them. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it is imperative you seek help. There are many routes to recovery and you will be faced with many options. Medical detox centers, rehabilitation facilities, and sober living homes are the most common resources available. While a medical detox is often necessary to ensure the safety of the individual, rehabilitation centers are often financially unfeasible for many families.


A properly run sober living home offers the necessary support for an individual in early recovery. Sober livings provide a safe environment for those who wish to make a smooth transition back into everyday life. Drug and alcohol addiction is comprised of both a physical and emotional dependence. Recovery from the physical dependence is just the beginning. The emotional dependence takes time to overcome. Developing a strong foundation in recovery is difficult without a stable, supportive and drug-free environment. The more support an individual receives in early recovery, the better their chance at achieving long-term recovery will be. Typically, sober living homes are best suited for individuals who have completed a medical detox or completed a rehabilitation program. As long as a medical professional has cleared the individual, they can enter a sober living home. There are many different sober living homes available in the South Bay. Many feel overwhelmed during the selection process. Use this as a guide to determine what you want in a Redondo Beach sober living.


Safety: Struggling with drug or alcohol addiction is extremely stressful; the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not the sober living will somehow jeopardize the individual’s physical safety. There are several ways to determine the safety of a sober living home. It is important to choose a sober living home that is located in a safe neighborhood, has a strong staff and support team, enforces mandatory drug-testing, and has a good reputation within the community.  Sober living homes are operated in different ways. It is highly recommended to choose a sober living home that has a live-in staff member. This will decrease the likelihood of any incidents that may jeopardize the safety of its residents. In order to determine whether or not a sober living will provide the necessary safety measures for you or a loved one, touring the facility may help to alleviate any concerns. When trying to determine what you want in a Redondo Beach sober living, safety should be a top priority.


Strong Staff and Support Team: It is advised that you speak to the staff and support team of the sober living home. Find out if they are experienced in the addiction field. While some staff members may have extensive training, others may have years of experience in their own personal recovery – this is often invaluable. Many addicts feel the most comfortable with individuals who can fully understand, on a personal level, the journey they are embarking on. It is important that the staff and support team are compassionate and understanding while still being able to set boundaries and enforce the established rules. Both aspects comprise a successful sober living staff. Feel free to ask questions, meet for an in-person interview and determine your level of comfort with both the staff and the sober living home.


Accountability: What you want in a Redondo Beach sober living is a facility that stresses the importance of accountability. The most successful sober living homes enforce rules, structure, abstinence from drugs and alcohol, and accountability. Most sober living homes have a predetermined set of rules that are outlined upon arrival. It is important to have a staff member discuss these rules and answer any questions you may have. If rules are broken, it isn’t uncommon for the individual to be asked to leave the sober living home. This is crucial in order to ensure the safety of all individuals residing in the home, Not only is it necessary for individuals in the home to be accountable for their own actions and behavior, it is also vital that there is a level of peer-accountability. Residents are encouraged to discuss any pertinent information, in regards to fellow residents, if the safety of others is in jeopardy. In early recovery, this is essential for developing healthy relationships and a safe living environment. Ultimately, the success of an individual in recovery relies upon the individual’s willingness to do the work. The staff and sober living community will help the individual make this first step.


Recovery Community: A common side effect of the disease of addiction is shame and isolation. Family and friends of an individual struggling with addiction are often unaware of how severe the disease has progressed. This leaves the addict feeling isolated and misunderstood. While it is understandable that addicts active in their addiction choose to isolate themselves from friends and family, this is not something that can continue in sobriety. Isolation in sobriety can be detrimental to their emotional and physical well-being. Isolation in early recovery often contributes to an individual making the decision to return to drugs or alcohol. What you want in a Redondo Beach sober living is a program that stresses the importance of a strong recovery community.  This is essential for achieving long-term recovery. A recovery community provides the necessary support for the individual to overcome challenges they may face throughout the early recovery process.


Resources: Sober living homes help an individual transition back into everyday life. There are many facets to this process. The individual may need additional support, assistance in finding and attaining employment, transportation to meetings, and/or recovery resources available in the house. It is important to choose a sober living home that has access to local resources. If an individual is in need of further professional support, like therapy, choose a home that is well connected with therapists and outpatient treatment programs. Outpatient treatment programs offer individual and group therapy, often available during the day and in the evening. This additional support can be invaluable. Most people can’t afford to remain unemployed for extended periods of time. A successful sober living home will be able to assist the individual in finding and attaining employment. It isn’t uncommon for those in early recovery to not have access to a vehicle. In this case, it is best to choose a sober living home that offers transportation when needed and is located in central location, close to twelve-step meetings, job opportunities, and activities appropriate for those in early recovery. Another resource that well-run sober living homes offer are in-house twelve step meetings and support groups.


Addiction is a progressive disease. Without help, the emotional and physical consequences can be severe and fatal. Looking for a sober living home can be an overwhelming process. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, please give South Bay Sober Living a call at (844) 316-2809. We are here to help!