Drug and alcohol addiction is an all-consuming disease. When drugs and alcohol are removed from the addict’s life, a substantial amount of time is often freed up. Idle time is one of the more dangerous things someone in early recovery can experience. Addicts often fear that they will no longer experience fun and feelings of joy once sober. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is vital that the individual restructure their daily routine and incorporate fun, sober activities.


It is important for those in recovery to know that sobriety is fun! Getting sober allows the individual to truly live their life and experience genuine joy. Like all things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Making a valiant effort to incorporate fun and healthy activities will result in a happier and more fulfilling life. Early recovery is a time to discover your passions and interests. It is also a time to build healthy relationships with those in recovery. A strong fellowship within the AA community is strongly correlated with achieving long-term recovery.


Use this page as a guide for what to do in Redondo when you’re sober. There are endless activities for those in early recovery!


Beach Days: It cannot go without saying that we are incredibly lucky to live in Southern California. Year round, the weather can’t be beat. The beaches are endless and provide free and fun entertainment. Surfing, riding your bike along the beach, taking a walk on the strand, going for a swim, paddle boarding or just hanging out with friends are all fun and healthy activities that can be enjoyed. Paddle House provides paddle board rentals and lessons in Redondo Beach. Due to calm waters, King Harbor is an ideal location for beginners.


Hiking: Southern California is known for their numerous hiking trails. Hiking is perfect for those in early recovery. It allows the individual to get outside, get in touch with nature and engage in an emotionally and physically healthy activity. Runyon Canyon is known for incredible views of the Hollywood sign and is a dog-friendly hiking trail. Franklin Canyon Park offers both moderate and more difficult trails. Taking a leisurely stroll around the lake is perfect for beginners. Solstice Canyon is 3-mile round trip hike offering both a babbling brook and stunning ocean views. Malaga Cove offers a beautiful trail with eucalyptus trees, an ocean breeze and wildflowers lining the path.


Comedy Clubs: Laughter is the best medicine for someone in early recovery. Finding joy in sobriety is essential. Southern California is home to some of the best comedy clubs around. Getting a group of friends together to enjoy an evening of laughter is the perfect way to unwind in early recovery. In the South Bay, the Comedy and Magic Club offers a variety of different comedians – Jay Leno is known for performing at this location often. The Comedy Store on Sunset is a world famous comedy venue that just celebrated its 45th year. Robin Williams, Chris Rock, David Letterman and Jim Carey are just a few of the comedians who have performed at this iconic venue. For those who enjoy improvisation and sketch comedy, you will love The Groundlings. The Groundlings is a comedy training school and is where both Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig began their incredible careers in comedy.


Museums: Los Angeles is home to incredible museums. Most of the museums offer free or low-cost admission. Spending the day admiring the creative works of artists can be extremely gratifying and calming, making it the perfect sober activity. This is a sober activity that be enjoyed individually or with friends. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) offers three venues: MOCA Grand Avenue, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, and MOCA Pacific. The venues are small enough where you can spend several hours immersing yourself in contemporary art without feeling overwhelmed. The Getty Center, located on a hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains, offers fine art exhibitions, extraordinary architecture, beautiful gardens and spectacular views. It is also home to “Irises” one of the most famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. With 24 acres, The Getty Center provides hours of culturally enriching entertainment.


Join a Gym: The benefits of exercise on physical, emotional and spiritual health cannot be argued. This is especially pertinent to those in early recovery. After prolonged drug and alcohol abuse, the body goes through major changes to adjust to life without drugs or alcohol. Feelings of stress, reduced energy, and poor sleeping patterns often plague individuals in early recovery. Regular exercise has been proven to alleviate stress. Regular exercise has been attributed to boosts in oxygen levels, which helps to improve overall energy. This makes daily activities easier to perform. Problematic sleeping patterns are common among those in early recovery. Although it can take weeks or months to see improved sleep, exercise greatly contributes to better sleeping patterns. Mood changes are something those in early recovery often experience. Moods can fluctuate rapidly and cause emotional strain on the individual. Exercise releases endorphins, a chemical attributed to feelings of happiness and euphoria. Exercise can reduce stress, increase energy, correct problematic sleep patterns and improve overall mood, thus making it vital for someone in early recovery. If joining a gym isn’t financially feasible, go for a jog around your neighborhood or engage in exercise in your home. A little goes a long way.


A common misconception about getting sober is that the fun is over. This is just not the case. Getting sober allows the individual to truly live life and experience genuine joy. If you or a loved on is newly sober and want to know what to do in Redondo when you’re sober, try one of the activities listed above! Early recovery is a time where you can truly discover your passions and interests. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, please give South Bay Sober Living a call at (844) 316-2809. We are here to help!