Does Your Son Need After Care?


So what exactly is after care and why is it so important for young adults who are getting sober? After care is next step after primary treatment in the recovery process. While primary care facilities are designed to help individuals to physically remove themselves from the act of using and immediate dangers of addiction, they typically do not provide the tools needed for long term recovery. This is where after care comes in. After care provides newly sober individuals with a safe place where they can focus on the steps that need to be taken towards staying sober and nurture the traits for leading a quality life in sobriety. These programs take young adults out of the environments where they used and were surrounded by negative influences and characters and places them among peers who can support positive changes and lifestyle choices. While most individuals stay in after care will typically take place in early recovery, it is a place where bonds and relationships are built that will last long into sobriety and often a lifetime.


After Care for Young Men in Early Recovery


This is important because early sobriety is the most fragile stage of a young adult’s recovery. When attempting to change major aspects of one’s life, especially at younger ages, it can be near impossible without changing the environment and influences that have contributed to ideas and beliefs that lead there in the first place. By surrounding a newly sober person with positive influences and like-minded peers striving towards a common goal it greatly increases their chances at building a lasting foundation and developing new beliefs and ideas that will allow them to succeed. Addiction can wreak havoc on an individual’s behavioral and though patterns and the quality of relationships that are forged while in the midst of it. For this reason, a safe place, healthy community and guidance are essential for addicts who are trying to create long lasting sobriety and this is what aftercare aims to provide.


Rehabilitation and Re-Entry to the Real World


Once rehabilitated it is a difficult task of reintegrating into the real world and putting to practice a program of recovery in the face of varying real life circumstances. This is a process that after care programs aim to help young and newly recovered addicts to navigate. By introducing basic skills like hygiene, structure and punctuality to their daily living and gradually stepping up to getting a job and self-supporting - aftercare programs help many young adults to nurture skill sets that are commonly neglected in addiction. For these reasons the best chances at leading a quality life after addiction are made possible by the community and education provided by after care. There are many different types of after care facilities and not all programs are made equal, which is why it is important to find a program that best suits the needs of the individual. For more information on choosing the right program you can give us a direct call at (844) 316-2809 for a free consultation.