The Upside of Los Angeles Recovery


Los Angeles is one of the mechas of getting sober nowadays and there are tremendous benefits to finding yourself living in the LA area and getting brought to sobriety. While previously known as the home of Hollywood and other things that aren't necessarily associated with being in recovery, Los Angeles actually happens to be one of the most conducive sobriety locations in California. If you're really looking for somewhere to boost your chances of staying sober, look no further than sunny Los Angeles. This article will go over some of the fantastic benefits of finding your way away from drugs and alcohol in Southern California.


Near the Beach


One of the best parts about being sober in LA is that you're near the beach. Whether you live in Santa Monica or the South Bay, which is really an ideal place to be sober, the beach isn't too far away. If you're looking for a sober living that's going to have lots of fun things to do you should definitely check out living in Los Angeles. Don't forget all the fun you can have surfing, going to bonfires and hanging out in the sun - all things that can be done sober.


Great Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings


There are also a huge selection of great Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the area. Southern California, and Los Angeles in particular, have thousands of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings happening every single day. This means that no matter what kind of a meeting you were looking for you'll be able to find other members of recovery that you can relate to and hopefully find a meeting that speaks to you. Especially for young people this is super important because if you get sober and you find that you can't have fun, chances are that staying sober is going to be difficult.


Strong Community


There's also a strong community in the Los Angeles area. From young people's groups to great friendships that develop over time, many people choose to stay in Los Angeles when they get sober because of the communities that they develop. When there's so many sober young people in the same place this makes sense. There are also community groups for other aspects of sobriety including middle-aged individuals, professionals and all different types of people.


Lots of Opportunity for Sober Men


For young men that are getting sober, as well as for older men, there are lots of fun activities to take advantage of. Sports, surfing and all kinds of other interesting things as well as great job opportunities are abundant in Los Angeles. Specifically for someone needing to restart a career, go into the workplace for the first time or go back to college, Los Angeles has tons of opportunity. From Santa Monica City College and El Camino Community College. To universities such as USC, LMU, UCLA, CSU and a wide variety of other great educational institutions that aren't far away.


All of these different factors together make Los Angeles a great place to find yourself in recovery and an excellent choice when looking for sober housing.