Why Choosing a Top Rated Sober Living in California is Important for Your Son

To a person who is not familiar with recovery can be hard to discern the difference between quality in treatment options, after all help is help right? Well that is not always the case as there are many different approaches to recovery and not all programs are made equal. So - what qualities differentiate between programs and why are these certain aspects important to the recovery process?

Structure is one of the most essential components to a young person’s early sobriety and surprisingly or not, many sober livings lack structure - functioning more towards the side of a “check in, check out” housing facility that allow residents free rein to their day to day affairs. The truth of the matter is, routine and structure are vital to transitioning out of habits and patterns that are formed in active addiction. For this reason, sober living facilities that adhere to structured and routine schedules are typically much better equipped to help young men and women with successfully transitioning into recovery.

Young Men's Recovery

No one said getting sober young is easy, and it’s even more difficult without a community and support group. Another way that high quality sober livings discern themselves is by providing young persons with that community and support that will keep them excited about sobriety and push them to grow in positive ways. How can you tell if the sober living you’re looking at has the type of strong community that is essential to your loved one’s recovery? A program’s alumni are often a good indicator of what it’s community looks like – are they involved with the program, do they continue to forge relationships with those within the program and give back when it’s no longer expected? If so, it’s a good indicator that the program has a strong community capable of helping your loved one excel.

Sober staff. This is something many looking from the outside in might not even think of, but this can play a huge factor in the effectiveness of a facility and its impact on someone struggling with addiction. High quality sober living facilities understand this and position recovered addicts and alcoholics to be able to transmit what they have gotten out of recovery to others. A common phrase in recovery goes “You can’t transmit something you don’t have,” and this is something that high quality sober living programs understand well.

Choosing the Right Program

A good sober living program can make or break someone’s chance at long term sobriety and plays a huge part in the type of living habits someone transitioning out of active addiction adopt into their new lives. Recovery is not something we do alone and the people who surround someone in earlier recovery often play an equally huge role in what their program and sober lifestyle will look like. By knowing what to look for and why different aspects of a program are important you can find the right program for your loved one and set them up for success in recovery.