What is My Son Smoking off of Tin Foil?

A common question for many parents, is "what kind of substance is smoked off of foil that can leave a burnt residue." There's a lot of different types of substances that could be smoked off of foil, but most commonly you'll find that it’s black tar heroin or methamphetamine (crystal meth). 

Black Tar Heroin is Smoked on Aluminum Foil

Black tar heroin is a type of heroin that is very sticky and it looks similar to roofing tar or even like a hard and dense coal. Ultimately, Black Tar Heroin is a Morphine derivative. This type of drug often creates a physically and mentally addictive experience for the user. While black tar heroin addiction can be extremely scary, there are many options available to help your loved one find the correct form of recovery.

By far the strongest warning sign that the tin foil was being used for Black Tar Heroin is the dark black/brown streaks the Heroin leaves on the top half of the foil.

Another warning sign can be the presence of black fingerprints all over furniture, walls and even on your loved one's face.

Smoking Crystal Meth on Foil

Unfortunately, as beautiful as the South Bay of Los Angeles is, some families are finding their loved ones using crystal meth. Methamphetamine looks much different than black tar heroin when smoked on tin foil however.

The main difference is that you will see a white crystalline structure on the tin foil, not much of any trail on the top of the tinfoil, but large amounts of black soot on the bottom of the foil.

How Do I Tell the Difference Between the Different Drugs Smoked on Tin Foil?

Often, parents inquire about identifying what substance was being used on a piece of tinfoil because they'd simply found a piece of tinfoil in their child or spouses room. It's important to keep in mind that a wide-range of substances can be used from tin foil and all will leave a burnt residue on the foil.

While there are less extreme substances that could have been smoked, for example hashish, when confronted, the common excuse for what was being smoked is generally marijuana or hashish. That’s why it's so important to not only focus on the hard evidence but also taking account of the individual's behaviors and actions over the past week. Someone who has been abusing marijuana will act much differently than someone who has been abusing Heroin or Methamphetamine.

Behavorial Changes Associated with Heroin Abuse

With Heroin you will want to look for the short-term effects, things like: nausea, vomiting, excessive scratching and itching, falling asleep during odd hours,  constricted pupils, and other behavioral changes like mood-swings and agitation.

Behavorial Changes Associated with Methamphetamine Abuse

When it comes to methamphetamine there's a few different aspects to pay attention to, the most important being the tendency to stay awake for hours.  another noticeable side effects of methamphetamine use is extreme agitation and large periods of uninterrupted sleep. Once a methamphetamine user has been awake for a substantial period of time, the comedown of methamphetamine causes a complete crash of the bodies functioning systems. This sleep deprivation causes the user to fall asleep for extended periods of time ranging from 18 to 30 hours.

These are some simple signs to be aware of if you find tin foil lying around the house. Finding a piece of foil with signs of combustion or any type of residue should be a big red flag. Someone who has resorted to smoking or freebasing off of aluminum is further along in their addiction than someone who has just started experimenting with drugs. If your loved one is abusing drugs with tinfoil, your best bet is to contact an addiction specialist immediately before it spirals out of control.

An addiction specialist will be able to gain more information regarding the exact situation that you're in and help catch the problem before it becomes a life and death situation.