Southern California AA


Information About Southern California AA

Alcoholics Anonymous has been one of the most popular and successful recovery management methods for almost 50 years. This 12-step recovery program helps individuals struggling with chemical dependence to better understand the disease of addiction, recognize what they can and cannot control when it comes to their use and the use of those around them, and provides a valuable and meaningful place of support. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are always entirely free, so individuals in recovery never have to worry about whether or not they can attend. The only requirement to participate is a desire to get and stay sober. While initially designed for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction, many individuals who experience drug and other addictions find AA meetings to be productive and beneficial for their recovery as well.

Individuals struggling with chemical dependence often describe their participation in AA as hugely influential and life-changing. Participants have the opportunity to share their struggles and triumphs, connect one-on-one with mentors and mentees, discuss coping mechanisms and stress management techniques, celebrate significant sobriety milestones, and connect with a community to participate in productive and fun sober activities.

There are abundant opportunities to participate in meetings and other AA group meetups all around the SoCal metro area. There are groups actively meeting in Riverside, Los Angeles, Chula Vista, Santa Ana, San Diego, Long Beach, and many other cities in the area. This abundance of meeting locations guarantees that whether you get around town in a car, by bike, or using public transportation, individuals who are interested in participating will always be within just a few miles of a meeting. Wherever you live, work, or play in the Southern California area, you are guaranteed to find a support system, sponsor, and other potential friends who have similar goals and commitments when it comes to sobriety.


The AA groups in Southern California also host an annual Alcoholics Anonymous Convention. AA members, family members, and other supportive community members can all gather for stellar sober activities, including golf tournaments, 5 & 10k walk/runs, luncheons, speakers, and dances. There are also various Alanon meetings and events at the Southern California Alcoholics Anonymous Convention. This means that close friends and family members who are working to support loved ones struggling with addiction can also have the opportunity to connect with others with similar experiences. This large-scale event has been going on for 67 years (and counting!). Individuals who want to get even more involved in their local AA chapter can volunteer to help coordinate and manage this well-known and highly anticipated annual event.


Individuals who are looking for a place with a large number of committed and organized AA members will truly thrive in Southern California. The support, mentorship, and relationship building opportunities in Alcoholics Anonymous are unparalleled, and help to prevent relapse and increases the likelihood of sustained sobriety. Participating in AA in SoCal will set participants up with the confidence and connectedness necessary to thrive as a healthy, whole, sober person wherever they choose to go next.